Flea Fogger – What is it?

Flea Fogger: What Is It and How It’s Done? Let’s face it if you have a pet, chances are at some point it might gain a little friend called the flea. Many times, this ultimately results in a full-on infestation. Drastic problems demand drastic solutions and in this case, we’re talking about flea fogger, also commonly known as… Read More »

Flea Extermination: The Costs?

Flea Extermination: How Much Does it Cost? Fleas are pests that need to be eliminated quickly.  Several methods exist for flea extermination.  If money is no object then the easiest and most preferred method is to hire a professional exterminator.  A reputable flea extermination company is the best choice for achieving long lasting results. Home remedies might work for… Read More »

Borax: An Effective Flea Killer

Borax: An Effective Flea Killer A flea infestation can take over your home in a year if untreated.  Fleas will irritate your pets and will bite you and your family.  It should be noted that fleas can be in your home even if you do not have pets.  You need a flea killer. One of the most effective… Read More »

Flea Treatment For Your Yard: Best Methods

Having a dog that is infested with fleas can be a real hassle, emotionally and financially. Fleas can cause pain to your dog or cat but did you know that fleas can cause significant damage everywhere they fester? That’s why it’s so important to have a flea treatment for your yard.  Fleas can transfer to and from wherever… Read More »

Flea Collars For Dogs: Are They Effective?

What Are Flea Collars? Flea collars for dogs have been around for many years and were once the best available method for preventing and controlling flea infestations in dogs. Although alternatives exist, flea collars are still readily available and are commonly used today. There are two main types of flea collars. One type works to repel fleas while… Read More »

Flea Prevention For Dogs: Best Methods

Treating an already existing problem is one thing, but what about prevention? When it comes to protecting man’s best friend, a pet owner wants to use the best flea prevention for dogs. The smartest way to keep a flea infestation from occurring is to use precautionary measures to prevent them from thriving before they get a chance. Using… Read More »

Natural Flea Treatments For Dogs: Best Ones

When there’s a flea problem, everyone turns to the internet to find the best flea treatment. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the “One size fits all” approach to products and services. I know sometimes what works for one person will work for another, but I don’t see where it’s possible for one thing to work equally… Read More »

What Are Fleas and What You Should Know About Them

What is a flea? Generally speaking… Fleas are insects and make up the order of Siphonaptera. An order is just a classification of organisms. These little vampire wanna-be’s don’t have wings but their mouths are designed to puncture the flesh of unsuspecting animals. They’re parasites and all their meals consist of one course: blood they’ve sucked from mammals… Read More »